Is Hard Water Really The Problem?

It’s easy to simply discount hard water for ruining appliances.  I can’t even think about how many coffee makers I’ve had to throw away.  Not to mention my automatic cat fountain, and fabric steamer all bit the dust way before it’s time.  Is it really honest of me to just say that water hardness is at fault and it’s not my problem?
Obviously, this is an irresponsible conclusion.  It’s not that hard to run down to the store and buy a gallon of distilled.  However, is the cost of constantly buying these jugs worth it when you think about the environmental and economical aspects of it all?  Sure, installing a water softener can have it’s own negatives.  Let’s talk about the sodium that the ecosystem is polluted with when that thing let’s go of it’s waste.

I’ve seen a few options here and there for home distillers.  I even went to a few kitchen stores and seriously considered picking up one of these things.  Realizing I didn’t have room on my counter top I mean it’s already crowded with the latest juicer, and toaster oven I thought do I really have room for a distiller?

No thanks.  I can tell you that these high end distillers to make fancy water for my appliances can run in the HUNDREDS of dollars.  Yes sir.  That’s not joke.  These things are expensive.  As a matter of fact, almost as expensive as a softening system itself!

counter top water distiller

The distiller that never was

This is actually the model I was looking at right here.  It almost looks like a biohazard container more than it does a water purifying unit.

Needless to say.  I realized the error of my ways.  I ended up shelling out the cash for a brand new Culligan I picked up one of the gold series models with the Aqua Sensor Monitor…. needless to say.  I was disappointed.

I had a ton of trouble with the unit and ended up returning it for a model by Waterboss.  I now have the Model 950 Waterboss and I’m stoked on the darn thing.  It works like a steam engine!  Well of course except it’s not.  Anyways, if you’re looking for a way to deal with hard water in small appliances.  Don’t bother with distilling, just soften that darn water!

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How To Start A Water Softener Business

Starting any business is no small feat.  Especially not one like selling water softeners. However, if you want to sell and install water softeners in your local area there are a few steps that you can follow to help make the process of easing into this business a lot easier.  Some of the things you need to consider is will you be an LLC or a Sole Proprietorship?  Are you going to use your own money to invest or will you be taking out a loan?  This particular business type is expensive to get started in and will take a hefty initial investment.  Are you willing to take a loss if things don’t work in this business?  Are you in the right market?  Some areas of the country have much harder water than others.  These are all things that you should consider.


  1. Start to review water softeners.  Get acquainted with the equipment and understand how they work to help the consumer.  Learn about the different types of equipment and how they work in order to fully understand what you are selling.  You can visit a site like WaterWyzard to help expedite the process.  The important thing is that you know what you’re selling and how it’s going to help.  Find a business two tank water softenermentor preferably someone who works in a similar industry that you won’t be competing with.  Discover what your profit margins need to be, and what your start up costs will be and then do the math to find out how profitable the venture will be.
  2. Find what softeners you are going to lease or sell to your customers.  A good way to do this is to build relationships with dealers, and attend home exhibitions.  Have a look at the different price ranges and find out what’s most appealing to customers.  Kinetico does better in some areas, whereas Culligan is a better investment in others.  The next thing you want to do is a find affordable office space in a central area of your city.  Odds are for a water softening business you are going to need a fair sized warehouse with a lot of space.
  3. Start looking for your future employees.  Posting an ad on Craigslist or the local newspaper is one good option.  Get nice looking business cards made by a professional print company, also have brochures made that showcase your products.  You may want to solicit services from plumbers, or contractors until your employees are fully trained and ready to begin installing water softener systems.  Provide incentives for your employees to work hard and make money.  For example, offer them commissions for selling more expensive water softeners.  After speaking with a business owner, it was discovered that some employees can make as much as $70,000 dollars a year with little to no education!  This is a remarkably good salary for such a job.
  4. Become a vendor for local home shows so you can show off the equipment you are trying to promote.  Reach out to the news media and reporters interested in all aspects of home and garden.  Video footage of the devastating effects of hard water can be the perfect type of sensational footage they might want to air on the news.
  5. Provide incentives to customers who refer there friends and co-workers into renting and buying a water softening system from you.  Some of the best business you can possibly get will come form referrals.  Referrals are a great way to build your business especially if you don’t have a huge budget.  The concept behind it is simple, you give stellar service better than anyone could possibly ask for and in return people will start talking about it.


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